The objectives and principles of the San Diego County Building and Construction Trades Council are:

  1. To coordinate and harmonize the activities, functions, and interests of the affiliated Local Unions and Councils in the Building
    and Construction Trades Industry.
  2. To promise the growth and development of all Building and Constructions Trades Unions and to foster and develop the organization
    of the Building and Construction tradesmen on traditional trade or craft lines.
  3. To foster, develop and advance apprenticeship training, and to cooperate with the Federal and State Agencies promoting the interests
    of Apprenticeship Training.
  4. To promote the development of health and safety practices to the end of protecting the health and safety to tradesmen in the Building
    and Construction Industry.
  5. To unite in this Council as affiliates, all Building and Construction Trades Local Unions and District Councils to encourage and promote
    unity of its affiliates to secure a higher standard of living, improved wages, hours of employment and working conditions
    for their membership.
  6. To engage in legislative activity for the promotion and protection of the interests of Building and Construction Trades Unions and their
    members and to protect and advance the interests of the Building and Construction Trades Industry.
  7. To engage in research, legal and public relations activities appropriate for the advancement of the interests of affiliated Unions
    and their members in the Building and Construction Trades.

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